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Shenzhen Commonpraise Solar Company Ltd. was founded in 1997. We are one of the largest manufactures of solar powered product in China. Our main solar products include flat plate solar collector, solar air collector, solar water heater and solar PV products. In addition, we can also offer hot water storage tanks for use in assembly of solar water heaters. Our products are widely used in factories, residential building area, schools, hotels, hospitals, to name a few.

Our nationally advanced technology enterprise boasts a 30,000 square meter facility. Commonpraise is an active, research-based and technologically advanced company. Our company's expert staff, along with our collaborative relationships with over twenty international universities and scientific research institutions, has earned Commonpraise over thirty patents.

Commonpraise's over decade of research, development, and manufacturing of solar products has enabled our company to set the standards in the solar industry. Our unsurpassed quality in the manufacturing of our flat plate solar collector, solar air collector, air source heat pump water heater, and more, has made us a leader in the solar manufacturing industry. Commonpraise has made continuous innovative strides since our company began. We have been granted the Shenzhen Solar Demonstration Facility Award, and we've been named the Research and Testing Centre of Heat in South China, and the National New Resource Engineering Centre.

Our location in Pingshan, a new district in Shenzhen, is conveniently positioned near several manufacturing facilities in China, including Huizhou and Dongguan. Our facility is within one hour of YanTian International Freight Harbour, under two from to Hong Kong, a two hour drive to Shenzhen Airport, and less than a one hour drive to the railroad station. Our location is accessible by air, land, and water. We service customers in Germany, Canada, Austria, America, and other countries around the world.

We are confident that our superior products will exceed your expectations. Our high quality solar collectors, hot water storage tank, and numerous other solar products are manufactured with advanced technology, cutting edge research, and the highest quality of raw materials. Through our efforts, our solar powered products and related parts are certified by CE, Solar Keymark, SRCC, TUV and FCC, etc., and Commonpraise has earned several certifications including ISO9001 quality management system, ISO14001 environmental management system, GB/T28001-2001 occupational health safety management system, and more.

  • Flat Plate Solar Collector The solar absorber of this collector is welded by German ultrasonic welding machine. We provide customers with two types of solar absorber, namely the fin tube type and the plate tube type. The surface of the absorber uses the international patent of magnetron sputtering and selective coating, which possesses excellent adhesion. With a high absorptivity of more than 95% and a low emissivity of less than 5%, it provides high thermal efficiency. In addition, this equipment is resistant to corrosion and it possesses a long service life of 20 years.
  • Flat Plate Solar Collector - Warm Climate This flat plate solar collector is designed to achieve its maximum performance in areas which are rich in solar energy all the year round. The expense of the facility is rather economical, and it sells very well in tropical countries such as Indonesia, Thailand, etc.
    By using imported blue coating layer and ultrasonic machine made in Germany, the quality of this solar collector is up to the international standard.