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  • Porcelain Enamel Solar Storage Tank (Glass Lined)This porcelain enamel solar storage tank, which uses Danish technology, is manufactured on the basis of European quality standard. Besides, the high price/performance ratio tank is resistant to corrosion and hard water. Besides, it can be easily assembled.
    Strict testing protocol in line with ISO9001 and ISO14001 and full process quality control ensures the quality of our products.
  • Stainless Steel Solar Water TankOur stainless steel hot water storage tank is made of 304 stainless steel material, which offers stable physical and chemical properties and is resistant to corrosion and impact. So, it is deformation free and will not pollute the water. In addition, the hot water storage tank is aesthetic, lightweight, easy to clean and can withstand abrupt temperature change.
    The stainless steel hot water storage tank is designed with an efficient built-in heat exchanger, which contributes to rapid temperature rise. Copper heat exchanger and stainless steel heat exchanger are both available for choice ...

The hot water storage tank, in addition to the solar collector, control system and connecting pipe, is a main part of the solar water heater or solar or solar water heating system. In the hot water storage tank, the hot water from the solar collector and cold water piped to the tank bottom are totally mixed, and then the hot water passes the heat to the cold water until the stored water reaches the set temperature.

Commonpraise is a professional hot water storage tank manufacturer based in China. We offer an extensive line of products, including a solar collector, flat solar water heater system, air source heat pump water heater, and more.

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  • Commercial Large-Scale Solar Hot Water SystemThe water circulation pump of this commercial large-scale solar hot water system draws the cold water from the cold water supply system into hot water storage tank. The temperature of water in the hot water storage tank rises as the solar collector circulates and heats up the water. Then the hot water, which meets users' demand, is supplied to users in regular time. In rainy or cloudy days when the solar energy is not sufficient and the water temperature can not reach a satisfying degree, the circulation pump starts to work by circulating the water, which is then brought to the heat pump.
  • Flat Plate Solar Collector The solar absorber of this collector is welded by German ultrasonic welding machine. We provide customers with two types of solar absorber, namely the fin tube type and the plate tube type. The surface of the absorber uses the international patent of magnetron sputtering and selective coating, which possesses excellent adhesion. With a high absorptivity of more than 95% and a low emissivity of less than 5%, it provides high thermal efficiency. In addition, this equipment is resistant to corrosion and it possesses a long service life of 20 years. ...