Porcelain Enamel Solar Storage Tank (Glass Lined)

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Porcelain Enamel Solar Storage Tank (Glass Lined)

Features & Advantages
1. This porcelain enamel solar storage tank, which uses Danish technology, is manufactured on the basis of European quality standard. Besides, the high price/performance ratio tank is resistant to corrosion and hard water. Besides, it can be easily assembled.
2. Strict testing protocol in line with ISO9001 and ISO14001 and full process quality control ensures the quality of our products.
3. 2-3 mm thickness alloy steel plate which contains titanium is adopted in this tank. The high compressive strength steel plate has undergone 200,000 pulsating pressure tests.
4. Gas-shielding circumferential welding and longitudinal submerged arc welding are adopted to ensure the reliability of the tank welding.
5. The steel plate of the tank is respectively handled by shot-blast, twice degreasing and enameling in proper sequence. US FERRO, the world's biggest enamel frit provider, provides us with enamel frit. The automatic spraying technique ensures evenly spraying of enamel on the steel plate.
6. Sintered under a high temperature of 900 ℃, the enamel and the steel completely merge with each other, thus forms the outer cover of the tank, which is therefore resistant to boiling water, water vapor, corrosion, fatigue and collision.

Technical Parameters
Model Volume (Liter) Dimension (mm) Heating Element (KW) Inlet/Outlet
CP-SWT-E150 150 φ540×1140 1.5 DN20
CP-SWT-E200 200 φ540×1450 2 DN20
CP-SWT-E250 250 φ650×1255 2 DN20
CP-SWT-E300 300 φ650×1460 2 DN20
CP-SWT-E350 350 φ700×1445 2 DN20
CP-SWT-E400 400 φ700×1615 2 DN20
Inner Tank
Material SPCC (BTC340R)
Thickness (mm) 2.0/2.5
Magnesium Rod (piece) 2
Outer Tank
Material Color Steel
Thickness (mm) 0.5
Tank Insulation
Material Polyurethane
Thickness (mm) 45/50
Heat Exchanger
Material SPCC (BTC340R)
Quantity One or None (Decided by customer)
Pressure Test
Working pressure (MPa) 0.7
Testing pressure (MPa) 1.2

Feedback Form
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