Thermosyphon Solar Water Heater

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Thermosyphon Solar Water Heater

1. This thermosyphon solar water heater is reliable and economical because it doesn't have pump or controller which requires frequent maintenance.
2. Since the hot water is stored in a well-insulated tank of this equipment, users don't have to worry about the problem of thermal loss happened in batch systems.
3. This facility is easy to be installed and connected to the existing hot water piping.

1. The flat plate solar collector with black or anodized coating is adopted in this facility.
2. The thermosiphon function of this product almost spares the nuisance of maintenance.
3. The unpressurized storage tank of this facility uses SUS304 stainless steel as inner material, which ensures reliable and low maintenance operation.
4. We provide customers with flexible options of solar collectors and water tanks of different capacities.
5. The circulation pipe of this equipment uses durable SUS304 corrugated stainless steel.
6. The circulation pipe uses PE (film)/EPDM as its insulation material, which is resistant to high temperature, UV and fire.
7. It is rather easy for users to install this product. The maintenance, if any, is also rather convenient.

Technical Parameters
Water Storage Tank Type of Circulatory System Non-pressurized open loop system (Thermosyphon solar water heating system)
Tank Capacity (Liter) 150 200 300
Dimension (mm) 480x1430 480x1930 480x2754
Inner Tank Material 0.5mm thickness SUS-304 stainless steel
Outer Tank Material 0.4mm thickness colored steel
Max. Working Pressure (MPa) 0
Connection Size Outer thread G3/4"
Solar Collector Model No. CP-JRP66/80
Dimension (mm) 2000x1000x66/2000x1000x80
Quantity (piece) 1 1 2
Gross Area (m2) 2 2 4
Aperture Area(m2) 1.85 1.85 3.7
Coating of Solar Absorber Anodized-oxidized coating or black chrome coating
Material of Solar Absorber Aluminum or copper strip and copper tube (ultrasonic welding)
Diameter of Header Tube (mm) 22
Cover Material 3.2mm thickness low -iron tempered textured glass cover
Frame Aluminum alloy
Mounting Brackets Material Galvanized steel
Bracket Type Type A: Flat roof; Type B: slope roof
Accessories Capacity of cold water storage tank (Liter) 2.5
Electric Heater (KW) 2
Up/Down Circulation Pipe Stainless steel corrugated pipe, EPDM foam with PE Cover (Φ22mm)

Feedback Form
  • Solar Horizontal Flat Collector (Balcony)This horizontal flat plate solar collector is mainly applied in balcony solar water heating system.
    The balcony solar collector can be installed on balcony and the wall of building. The installation makes full use of the limited areas of high buildings and a harmonious integration of solar collector and building is thus achieved.
    The material used for the pipe of this facility is pressurized, high-purity and corrosion-resistant oxygen-free copper. Therefore, the product is safe, reliable and possesses long service life.
  • Commercial Large-Scale Solar Hot Water SystemThe water circulation pump of this commercial large-scale solar hot water system draws the cold water from the cold water supply system into hot water storage tank. The temperature of water in the hot water storage tank rises as the solar collector circulates and heats up the water. Then the hot water, which meets users' demand, is supplied to users in regular time. In rainy or cloudy days when the solar energy is not sufficient and the water temperature can not reach a satisfying degree, the circulation pump starts to work by circulating the water, which is then brought to the heat pump.