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This product has been discontinued and removed from our shelves.

The split flat plate solar water heater is safe to use, energy saving and environmental friendly. It can be used to supply hot water to one or more places, and is ideal domestic water heating system for use in residential buildings, villas, and more. The flat plate solar water heater comes with direct and indirect water heating methods, so its fluid pipes won't get frozen or scaled easily. This allows the solar water heater to be used in high latitude areas with cold climates and areas with inferior water quality.

Working Principle of the Split Flat Plate Solar Water Heater
The split flat plate solar water heater mainly consists of a flat plate collector and a water tank. The transparent cover for the flat plate collector allows solar energy to pass through and the absorber plates with selective surface absorbs the solar energy and then translates the solar energy into heat energy. Thus, the heat transfer fluid in the flat plate solar collector is heated to a higher temperature. When there is 3℃ - 5℃ temperature difference between the heat transfer fluid and the water at the bottom of the water tank, the forced circulation pump automatically starts working and pump the heat transfer fluid into coil heat exchanger in the water tank, thus heating the water in water tank. When the water at the upper part of the water tank reaches to a temperature between 50℃ and 60℃, the circulation pump stops working. This is how the split flat plate solar water heater works.

Why Choose Commonpraise Split Flat Plate Solar Water Heater?
1. We can equip our split flat plate solar water heater with different types of solar collectors according the climate condition and economic budget of clients. Meanwhile, in order to ensure water quality, this flat plate solar water heater is equipped with a food grade stainless steel water tank or a water tank with enamel inner tank, and the water tank capacity is available in 200L, /250L, 300L, 400L and 500L to suit varied domestic hot water demands.
2. In addition, the split flat plate solar water heater is designed with separated water tank and flat plate solar collector, so it is easy for installation. Flat roof and pitched roof-top mounting are both allowable.
3. The pressurized fluid working system allows the solar water heater to supply water to the water tank automatically, so the water heater is convenient to use. Meanwhile, the solar water heater is designed with an electric water heating system. So, it is able to supply hot water all the year round in any weather conditions.

Technical Specifications of the Split Flat Plate Solar Water Heater
Model Flat plate solar collector Water tank capacity Electric water heating system power Hot water supply capacity
Size (mm) Absorber plate area Absorber plate
P-J-F-2-200/4.0/0.6-T 2000x1000x80(100) 4.0m2 Copper plates with black chrome plating / copper plates with magnetron sputtering coating 200L 2.0KW 4-5 people use
P-J-F-2-300/6.0/0.6-T 2000x1000x80(100) 6.0m2 300L 3.0KW 5-7 people use
P-J-F-2-400/8.0/0.6-T 2000x1000x80(100) 8.0m2 400L 3.0KW 8 or more people use
Ordering Information for the Split Flat Plate Solar Water Heater
Origin China Model P-J-F-2
Delivery terms FOB,CFR, CIF Brand name Commonpraise &OEM
Payment terms T/T, L/C MOQ 20pcs
Production capacity 2000pcs/month Delivery cycle 5 work days for product sample, 10-20 work days for batch orders

As a split flat plate solar water heater manufacturer in China, Commonpraise also supplies stainless steel hot water storage tank, solar street light, flat plate solar collector, and others.

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