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Solar Air Collector

Solar air collector makes use of solar energy to heat air. Our solar air collector is composed of a highly efficiency dual-layer absormer material, a selective surface with high absorptivity up to 75% to capture solar heat, temperature inductive probe, automatic thermal insulation air valve, air fan, indoor temperature controller, and more. It is a patented product with patent number of ZL 2007 2 0172469.9, and it is easy for installation and use. Solar air collectors can be divided into different types to heat either outdoor ambient air or indoor recirculated building air.

Advantages of the Solar Air Collector
1. The transparent cover the solar air collector is made using superior quality material for Germany BAYER, and offers good thermal insulation performance and high light transmittance. Meanwhile, the integral foam thermal insulation material ensures superior heat insulation and sealing performance as well.
2. Designed based on aerodynamics principles, the solar air collector allows the air to absorb more heat. Due to this, the solar air heat collector requires low energy consumption, and the entire system power consumption is less than 50W. Meanwhile, it is able to offer high heat supply capacity. One solar air collector is able to supply heated air to 24m2 room.
3. Our solar air collectors offer service life more than 15 years.
4. As compared with solar collectors using water as fluid, solar air collector can effectively avoid icing, corrosion to tubing and the solar collector, and more. Meanwhile, solar air collector is low cost and air heating is faster and easier than water heating. In addition, solar air collectors have wider range of applications. For instance, by producing hot air, they can also be used for drying timber, grain and cash crop, etc.

Due to above advantages, our solar air collector is increasingly used in building heating systems and commercial agricultural industry.

Technical Specifications of the Solar Air Collector
Size (L×W×T) (mm) 2000*1000*160 2000*1000*100
Air inlet/outlet diameter (mm) 152 152
Net weight (KGs) 45±1 33±1
Absorber plates Aluminium absorber plates with selective coating Aluminium absorber plates with selective coating
Power supply 220V/110V, 50/60Hz 220V/110V, 50/60Hz
Controller Metal temperature controlled switch Metal temperature controlled switch
Max. air flow 150CFM or 4.2m3/min 160m3/h
Outlet air temperature 35℃-80℃, AM1.0 35℃-80℃, AM1.0
Working temperature -40℃-50℃ -40℃-50℃
Mounting method Wall mounted, or roof-top mounted Wall mounted, or roof-top mounted
Service life 15 years 15 years
Ordering Information for the Solar Air Collector
Origin China Model CP-KQJRQ-1/2
Delivery terms FOB,CFR, CIF Brand Commonpraise & OEM
Payment terms T/T, L/C MOQ 20pcs
Production capacity 2000pcs/month Delivery cycle 5 work days for product sample, 10-20 work days for batch orders

Commonpraise is a professional solar air collector manufacturer in China. In addition, our company also offers solar collector, hot water storage tank, flat solar water heater system, air source heat pump water heater, and more.

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  • Solar Horizontal Flat Collector (Balcony)This horizontal flat plate solar collector is mainly applied in balcony solar water heating system.
    The balcony solar collector can be installed on balcony and the wall of building. The installation makes full use of the limited areas of high buildings and a harmonious integration of solar collector and building is thus achieved.
    The material used for the pipe of this facility is pressurized, high-purity and corrosion-resistant oxygen-free copper. Therefore, the product is safe, reliable and possesses long service life.