Flat Plate Solar Collector-Cold Climate

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Flat Plate Solar Collector-Cold Climate

Features & Advantages
1. This flat plate solar collector, welded by ultrasonic machine made in Germany, uses imported blue coating as cover. Its quality is up to European quality standards.
2. Black chrome coating and blue coating are used in the surface treatment of this facility.
3. Solar Key Mark Certificate has been granted to this equipment, which enjoys a wide popularity in European countries.
4. Featured with optimal and reasonable structures, fine appearance and easy installation, this solar collector is applied to domestic and large-scale solar water heating systems and it suits the buildings well.

Type: P-Y/1.0-T/HGT-1.8-1 & P-Y/1.0-T/JDT-1.8-1
Technical Parameter
Dimension (Length x Width x Height) (mm) 2000x1000x100
Gross Area (m2) 2
Aperture Area (m2) 1.85
Thermal Efficiency (ηa0) 0.72/0.76
Gross Weight of Collector (kg) 43±3
Stagnation Temperature (℃) 180
Max.Working Pressure (MPa) 1.4
Recommended Circulation Flow Water or propylene glycol
Freezing Resistance (℃) ≧0
Material Low-iron tempered textured glass
Thickness (mm) 4
Transmittance (%) ≧92
Material Copper sheet strip &copper tube
Surface Treatment Black chrome coating / blue coating
Absorptivity (%) >95
Emissivity (%) 15±2;5±2
Diameter of Header Tube (mm) 25
Diameter of Riser Tube (mm) 10
Insulation Layer
Material 60K Rock wool (back) /Polyurethane (side)
Thickness (mm) 50 (back)/25 (side)
Material Aluminum alloy
Color Silver
Back Plate 0.5mm thickness galvanized steel
Glass Sealing
Material EPDM rubber

Feedback Form
  • Flat Plate Solar Collector - One Sheet Aluminum AbsorberBased on European quality standards, blue coating imported from Germany and one-piece aluminum sheet absorber is adopted in this flat plate solar collector.
    Imported blue coating layer is used in this facility, which is welded by laser welding machine.
    Equipped with TP2 copper tube, this product possesses high bearing capability. Besides, it is resistant to corrosion and therefore enjoys a long service life.
  • Flat Plate Solar Collector The solar absorber of this collector is welded by German ultrasonic welding machine. We provide customers with two types of solar absorber, namely the fin tube type and the plate tube type. The surface of the absorber uses the international patent of magnetron sputtering and selective coating, which possesses excellent adhesion. With a high absorptivity of more than 95% and a low emissivity of less than 5%, it provides high thermal efficiency. In addition, this equipment is resistant to corrosion and it possesses a long service life of 20 years. ...