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  • Flat Plate Solar Collector - Warm Climate This flat plate solar collector is designed to achieve its maximum performance in areas which are rich in solar energy all the year round. The expense of the facility is rather economical, and it sells very well in tropical countries such as Indonesia, Thailand, etc.
    By using imported blue coating layer and ultrasonic machine made in Germany, the quality of this solar collector is up to the international standard.
  • Flat Plate Solar Collector - Moderate ClimateBased on European quality standards, this flat plate solar collector manufactured by our company adopts imported blue coating and it is welded by ultrasonic machine made in Germany.
    Anodized-oxidized coating, black chrome coating and blue coating are applied in the surface treatment of this collector.
    Due to its superior quality, this facility sells rather well in tropical countries like Indonesia, Thailand, etc.
  • Flat Plate Solar Collector - Cold Climate This flat plate solar collector, welded by ultrasonic machine made in Germany, uses imported blue coating as cover. Its quality is up to European quality standards.
    Black chrome coating and blue coating are used in the surface treatment of this facility.
    Solar Key Mark Certificate has been granted to this equipment, which enjoys a wide popularity in European countries.
  • Flat Plate Solar Collector - SRCC CertifiedBased on European and North American quality standards, this flat plate solar collector, welded by ultrasonic machine made in Germany, adopts imported blue coating as surface cover.
    Black chrome coating is applied in the surface treatment of this facility.
    This product possesses SRCC certificate and therefore enjoys high sales volume in American countries.
  • Flat Plate Solar Collector - One Sheet Aluminum AbsorberBased on European quality standards, blue coating imported from Germany and one-piece aluminum sheet absorber is adopted in this flat plate solar collector.
    Imported blue coating layer is used in this facility, which is welded by laser welding machine.
    Equipped with TP2 copper tube, this product possesses high bearing capability. Besides, it is resistant to corrosion and therefore enjoys a long service life.
  • Solar Horizontal Flat Collector (Balcony)This horizontal flat plate solar collector is mainly applied in balcony solar water heating system.
    The balcony solar collector can be installed on balcony and the wall of building. The installation makes full use of the limited areas of high buildings and a harmonious integration of solar collector and building is thus achieved.
    The material used for the pipe of this facility is pressurized, high-purity and corrosion-resistant oxygen-free copper. Therefore, the product is safe, reliable and possesses long service life.
  • Aluminum Tray Solar CollectorAbove 92% transmittance and low-iron tempered glass is used in the glass cover of this high strength, safe and reliable aluminum tray solar collector.
    The copper tube and copper fin of this equipment is welded by ultrasonic machine made in Germany or laser welding machine.
    The adoption of one-piece aluminum sheet in the back plate and frame of this facility ensures better effect of insulation. Its surface, handled by oxidation treatment, is characterized by long service life ...

1. High Transmittance Glass Cover. The glass cover of this flat plate solar collector is made by high transmittance glasses, such as tempered glass, tempered textured glass and low-iron tempered glass.
2. High Absorptivity and Low Emissivity. The solar absorber of this collector is welded by German ultrasonic welding machine. We provide customers with two types of solar absorber, namely the fin tube type and the plate tube type. The surface of the absorber uses the international patent of magnetron sputtering and selective coating, which possesses excellent adhesion. With a high absorptivity of more than 95% and a low emissivity of less than 5%, it provides high thermal efficiency. In addition, this equipment is resistant to corrosion and it possesses a long service life of 20 years.
3. Thermal Insulation: This facility is made of high quality polyurethane, rock wool and fiber glass; besides, it uses EPDM rubber as sealing material to ensure minimal thermal loss.
4. Aluminum Alloy Frame and Galvanized Back Plate: The frame of this facility is made of aluminum alloy and the back plate uses either galvanized plate or alloy aluminum; Aluminum tray is also within the manufacturing capability of our company. The frame and base plate of the aluminum tray are made of a whole aluminum sheet.

What is a Flat Plate Solar Collector?
Flat plate solar collector is a main type of solar collectors, which are core components of both solar water heaters and solar water heating systems. This solar collector possesses four main components, namely the absorber, the transparent cover, the frame and the insulation layer. The transparent cover usually adopts a low-iron solar glass which transmits a large amount of short wave spectrum. The glass cover absorbs almost all the heat emitted by the absorber (just like the green house effect). In addition, the glass cover prevents the thermal convection of wind and breeze. Besides, the cover and the frame protect the absorber from the damage caused by adverse weather condition. By thermal conduction, the insulation layer on the back of the absorber and the on the side of the frame reduces thermal loss. Flat plate solar collector possesses a high price/performance ratio as well as a wide range of possibilities for installation (It can be installed on the roof, inside the roof or unattached to the roof). Because of the above advantages, this facility is widely used in architecture design.

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  • Anodized-oxidation Solar CoatingOur company is the first company capable of manufacturing Anodic Oxidized wide winding solar spectrum selective absorption coating. We are the holder of the intellectual property right of this solar coating.
    The weather resistance, optical performance and durability of the coating are up to the international advanced standard. The absorptivity of the coating is above 94%, while the emissivity is below 10%.
    The coating is in a completely automatic production mode with stable production performance.
  • Porcelain Enamel Solar Storage Tank (Glass Lined)This porcelain enamel solar storage tank, which uses Danish technology, is manufactured on the basis of European quality standard. Besides, the high price/performance ratio tank is resistant to corrosion and hard water. Besides, it can be easily assembled.
    Strict testing protocol in line with ISO9001 and ISO14001 and full process quality control ensures the quality of our products.