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Flat Plate Solar Collector

This product has been discontinued and removed from our shelves.

Why Choose Our Flat Plate Solar Collector?
1. The flat plate solar collector is easy for installation and can be built on various types of buildings easily. Our flat plate collectors commonly used in domestic solar water heater and large sized solar heating systems, and they are ideal for use in low altitude areas with hot or mild climate conditions and ice-free all year round.

2. The flat plate solar collector is designed with copper-aluminum absorber plates or copper plates, and the plates are welded together using ultrasonic welding technique. Due to these, the flat plate collector offers high strength and high pressure-bearing capacity.

3. Absorber plates of our flat plate solar collectors are painted with anodic oxidation coating or black chrome painting. They offer high solar energy absorptivity up to 91% and low thermal emissivity less than 20%. This is why our solar collector has high thermal efficiency.

Technical Specifications of Flat Plate Solar Collector
Model P1-1-AS-T P1-1-B-T
Size (L×W×T) (mm) 2000*1000*66 2000*1000*66
Total absorption area (m2) 2 2
Effective absorption area (m2) 1.85 1.85
Gross weight (kg) 34±3 34±3
Cover 4.0mm tempered glass cover 4.0mm tempered glass cover
Absorber plate Copper-aluminum composite absorber plate with anodic oxidation coating Copper absorber plate with black chrome plating
Absorber plate welding Ultrasonic welding Ultrasonic welding
Head tubes TP2 red copper tube, Φ22/Φ25mm TP2 red copper tube, Φ22/Φ25mm
Water tubes TP2 red copper tube, Φ10mm TP2 red copper tube Φ10mm
Heat insulating material 16k glass wool: 30mm (bottom); 25mm (sides) 16k glass wool: 30mm (bottom); 25mm (sides)
Frame Bronze-colored aluminium alloy Bronze-colored aluminium alloy
Backside plate 0.3mm galvanized sheet 0.3mm galvanized sheet
Highest water temperature 180℃ 180℃
Operating pressure (Mpa) 0.6MPa 0.6MPa
Seal ring EPDM EPDM
Ordering Information for the Flat Plate Solar Collector
Origin China Model P1
Delivery terms FOB,CFR, CIF Brand name Commonpraise &OEM
Payment terms T/T, L/C MOQ 10pcs
Production capacity 3000pcs/month Delivery cycle 5 work days for product sample, 10-20 work days for batch orders

Commonpraise is a professional flat plate solar collector manufacturer based in China. In addition to solar collector, we also provide solar air collector, air source heat pump water heater, and hot water storage tank.

Feedback Form
  • Universal Flat Plate Solar CollectorThe universal flat plate solar collector features easy installation and can be installed on various types of buildings. With high thermal efficiency, the flat plate collector is able to offer large hot water production capacity. Meanwhile, the fluid tubing for the flat plate solar collector is made using high purity oxygen-free copper. It offers high corrosion resistance, high pressure-bearing capacity, long service life and safe operation, and is maintenance free. Due to these, the collector is extensively used in domestic solar water heaters and large sized solar heating systems, and is ideal for use in low and medium latitudes areas with mild climate conditions ...
  • High-End Flat Plate Solar CollectorMeanwhile, the flat plate solar collector is designed with metal absorber plates to offer high thermal efficiency. The selective coating for the absorber plates, with strong adhesion, long lifespan and corrosion resistance, ensures high heat absorptivity up to 95% and emissivity lower than 5%. In addition, made using low iron tempered glass, the transparent cover for the flat plate solar collector has a high light transmittance of 92%, high mechanical strength and safe operation. The flat plate solar collector frame has height of 100mm, thus accordingly, the insulation layer is increased, so the collector also has good thermal insulation performance ...